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Colleen McGrath – NQ Explorers Australia

WW2 Netherlands East Indies Army Cap Badge

The Dutch Army, Navy and Air Force were evacuated to Australia in 1942 when Java fell to the Japanese and they continued to fight alongside the Australian forces for the duration of the war. I,ve found a great piece of Dutch / Aussie history!

Digger dawn finds
Digger Dawn
Your finds

Digger Dawn UK

My latest find with the At Max was a silver coin from 1690. It was once a William 3rd sixpence, however at some point it was bent into a crooked shape and at that moment became a love token.

British love tokens, also sometimes referred to as ‘crooked coins’, were coins which were given by young men to the object of his affections. The suiter would bend the coin to create a wave, in a bid to prevent it from being used. If the coin was kept, it was a sign that the young man’s affections were reciprocated. If the coin was rejected on the other hand, this was a sign of rejection.

Unfortunately for some young man his coin seems to have been thrown away, only for me to find it 330 years later. But the love embedded in it didn’t go to waste, as its now in my special box and will be loved and cherished for many years to come.

Digger dawn

Di Johnston UK

My name is Di Johnston, I am 54, a serving Police Officer (approaching retirement) living in North West England with husband and two dogs – Boris and Gustav.

My best find to date was with the Apex.​ It is a two stranded copper alloy roman bracelet,​ it was twisted out of shape but it was clear from the patina that it had some age to it.​
I’ve had it formally identified as being of that era.​
I also found a Silver Septimus Severous Denari​ last year with the 400i.

Kind regards


New Jersey History Hunters USA

The shoe buckle

We head out to the woods, our second home. We mention things we hope to find, Aud to Rachael she would love a colonial shoe buckle, intact.

After swinging a while Rachael starts yelling to Aud to guess what she just dug! After a bit she finally reveals she dug an intact colonial sho buckle! Couldnt wait to get home, clean, preserve and display.

Here are just a few of our favorite finds. We have found many coins, but relics are our favorite. These are some of the unique ones. We love the research and history of these items. All of these items were found in the middle of the woods using our AT Pros except the Silver coin, that was in a yard of one of our permissions. We have also found reales, KG’s, Trimes, barbers, mercs, seated, and most coins.

Antique Gold and Amethyst brooch 

1879 German Pistol- Imperial German M1879 Navy Issue Reichsrevolver- 

Sterling Match Safe

Shoe Buckle

Silver Thimble

Powder Flask


and one of the silver coins


Carlotta USA

I’ve been detecting for gold and relics for about eighteen years now, and in that time, I’ve really enjoyed meeting some of the wonderful people involved in this hobby around the world.
A few of my favorite finds are shown here, including a gold tooth found in Australia, as well as a Roman hair pin type utensil found in England.
On the same England trip, I also dug up a hammered silver short-cross penny, which was part of the hoard discovered there.
The 1914 fishing fob is from Anaconda, Montana.
I found that while detecting an old foundation there in the mountains, which made my husband extremely jealous! More recently, I found an unusual token from the 1700s in the eastern USA. That’s probably the oldest coin I’ve ever found in the US.
It was a 1792 Irish mining halfpenny, known as a Conder Token, made by the Hibernian Mining Company.
Thanks for inviting me to be a part of the Garrett Girl Europe page.



Emily Copeland, aka “Little Dirt Digger” USA


When I was seven-years-old, I was hunting a Civil War encampment in the woods near Adairsville, Georgia when I found my first US box plate.

The plate was approximately 9 inches deep. I made the find on Feb. 3rd, 2019 while using the Garrett At Pro.



Jersey History Hunters “The Gun”, USA


Rachael had just found a silver coin then a toy gun 10 feet away and Rachael was filming her finds when Aud said she has a toy gun too and started to pull out the gun. In seconds she realized this was no toy, it was heavy, large and solid. We were super excited to get it home to research.

Also we reached out to a local gunsmith, Howell gunworks to professionally clean it for us. He had it f9r 3 month and did not charge us at all as he appreciated what we do saving and preserving history.

Found in woods, swinging ATPros, Pro 0, high mid tone around 78/80


Emily copeland
Emily copeland


Emily Copeland, aka “Little Dirt Digger” USA


I was hunting an old home site that use to belong to my grandparents near Cassville, Georgia. We came across an old trash pit. I started detecting around it and found some mason jar lids and a few bottles and thats when I found a hammered brass bracelet with the initials “MC” on it.

The bracelet was approximately 6 inches deep. I made the find using the Garrett At Pro. After I cleaned it up and did some researching I realized that I found something truly amazing! This hammered brass bracelet belonged to my Great-Great-Great Grandmother. Her name was Maggie Copeland. She was born in 1868 and died in 1921.

Some how the bracelet made it in the backyard near the trash pit. This is one of my favorite finds and has sentimental value. I will treasure it forever.


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