Hi all!

My name is Jasja, a.k.a. Garrett Girl Europe.
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted te be an archaeologist, where all my friends wanted to be a nurse, famous singer or a real life barbie……..
I always felt like, I didn’t quite “fit in “…………..except from when I was outside on the fields of the farm I grew up at.
I must have spend hours in the vegetable garden of my parents, unearthing pieces of pottery and clay pipes, while trying not to destroy the plants and crops they nourished…
My parents were not always as excited as I was, coming home covered in dirt,eating a not full grown carrot..but they did understand and allowed me to keep my freshly unearthed treasures.

My finds

When I was 8 years old, we moved to a normal house in a village, and as years got by I slowly adjusted to other hobby’s and sports that were “not so weird”.
But deep down, I never forgot, or gave up on my dreams.
I read a lot about archeology, collected fossils I found on holidays, went to visit Tutankhamun in Egypt, but other than that, I lived a plain life.

Until 2015.
We went on a holiday to visit an old and dear family friend in France.
She showed us the gardens, the house, the new shed they were building, and there, in the back of the old shed, it stood……….covered in years of dust and cobwebs, a metaldetector.
She could tell I got really excited and told me they had bought it years ago at the local hardware store to recover old pipes and stuff underneath the floors.
She gave it to me, telling me it would probably not work anymore, but it did!!
Once we got back home I cleaned it, went to the store to buy the 6 huge batteries it needed, took the shuffle out of the barn and went on my way.
It didn’t take long before I found my first rusty nail and a not so old 5 cents, but I was hooked for life!

My finds

From then on I started saving some money to buy my first “real” detector.
I purchased a Garrett ACE 300i and found out what real detecting felt like.
I found some groups on Facebook, where I could ask my questions and made some real friends that were just as ‘weird ” as I was.
I didn’t feel like an outsider anymore.
I was asked to come and join a small group of search friends, that would go out every other while and search as a group, you might know them as Team Garrett Europe, and I felt right at home with them.

Through the years we all changed, but got closer while doing so.
I grew, the group grew, and as a team we still go out to find treasure together, but we do so much more.
You can read all about it on this website under Team Garrett Europe.
For now, I have the Garrett AT Max and  love to go treasure hunting every spare hour I can find.

I may be weird, I may not fit in completely, but I am happy and alive when I am out there, getting dirty, feeling the excitement with every hole I digg.
Don’t give up on your dreams, believe in yourself and find the courage to do whatever it is you love, life is to short not to do so.




With love,


for anyone with a garrett metal detector

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