Searching on the Beach with the Garrett ATMAX or ATPRO tip

After many questions how to search on a beach without chattering or less, here is how to do that.

Start as in the image at line No. 1, do a ground balance with open full sense, then you walk from left to right and back again, so you make a section + – 25 meters where you will search from left to right with overlap the track by half a meter. Still have chattering sounds bring your sens back one or two lines. If there is stiil too much interference, change the channel (F1 to F4). 

Drag a shovel behind you to draw a trail so that you know where you have walked. Once you have completed the course, do the next course and so on and so on.

At NR.2 the wet salt part starts there, you also do ground balance again, When your detector disturbs a little, or start chattering then remove 1 or 2 lines from the sense and perform ground balance again.

At NR. 3 the surf starts there, you carry out ground balance again and make sure that you also do ground balance above the water and possibly also put the sense back slightly, without disturbance use sense full open.

You will lose some depth but most of the finds are 5-30cm from the ground surface and believe me the Garrett will find that.

That’s the way to search for on a beach, like I do, be an ambassador to our hobby so use your headphones on busy beaches, so that you don’t bother other beach users and close your diggin holes.


Tip from our team member Grandpa Marcello